Central Heating Radiators Cobham

Client Location – Cobham

Client Brief:
To remove existing central heating radiators and replace with cast iron column radiators in new positions.

Dabney Solution:
To drain down the properties gravity fed central heating system via the header tank in the loft, isolate the boiler and controls. Bleed all properties radiators of air. The cast iron radiators had to be worked on in two stages so a new solid wood Oak floor and a limestone tile floor could be laid to the ground floor (a separate company to lay flooring).

To gain access to below floor pipework, various floorboards were carefully lifted. Alterations and connections made to existing pipework plus isolating valves added to aid the return second after the floors had been laid. All necessary central heating pipework ran to their new positions with careful dimensions taken off new cast iron radiators to provide accurate and precise vertical pipework to each radiator valve. Long 15mm copper tails as a 1st fix awaiting the floor to be laid. A separate area requiring new radiators, an outside toilet extension area. Pipework exposed below ground in a solid concrete floor. Pipework exposed and isolating valves fitted.

Chases made in the concrete screeded floor and new 15mm pipework ran to suit two wall hung steel radiators. All radiators fitted with TRV’s thermostatic radiator valves. On completion of said pipework, the properties central heating system was reinstated, bled off air, with an inhibitor added to aid the system and prevent internal corrosion. Once the gravity fed system was free of air with all controls put to manual and automatic air vent checked.

The central heating system and hot water circuit to be returned to full operation. All pipework heat and pressure tested. Previously fitted floorboards replaced, cut where necessary to suit new pipework and firmly screwed down.

End result:
The second visit to finally fix (2nd fix) the radiators. All radiators bushes, bleed valves, end caps and valve unions prepared. All the radiators connected to the prepared pipework and firmly attached to the walls using suitable fixings and the brackets supplied. The wall hung steel radiators mounted on brackets and firmly fixed, pipework connected.

All radiators filled and tested using the previously fitted isolating valves so no need to drain the entire property and save time in the process. All final pipework connections heat and pressure tested. Concrete screed added chases in solid floor area, pipework protected from corrosion. Properties boiler, central heating system and hot water circuit checked for correct operation.

Finished Replacement Radiators – Cobham

Client Testimonial

We wanted radiators fitted including some fitted to the rear extension of our house where previously there had been none. We also required new thermostatic valves fitted on our radiators upstairs. Clive came round and talked through the best options etc. He managed to route the pipework under floors and through walls to the desired positions. We are very impressed by the quality of his work, very neat and tidy. Would highly recommend.

Happy Client

Central Heating Radiator , Cobham

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