Leaking Pipework in walls of Ashtead Properties

Client Locations – Ashtead, Surrey

Client Brief:
Two particular jobs of interest, one a suspected leak from a wall mounted bath tap with concealed pipe work and the other a shower valve with insufficient hot water and a permanent drip of water from the main fixed head.

Dabney Solution:
Clive Dabney at Dabney Plumbing Services visited both properties to make a general assessment of the problems and to meet the clients at their convenience.

Due to the age of both the shower valve and the bath tap and after making an enquiry at the local supplier it became apparent that parts were not available and had been discontinued. It was decided that both fittings would need to be removed. To achieve removal of the thermostatic shower and the wall mounted bath tap a certain number of tiles were carefully cut. Tiles were then removed. Access was made through the walls, both solid bricks. Plaster, bricks and old mortar were carefully chiselled away, mechanically and by hand to avoid damage to the hidden pipes.

At this stage rubble was taken away and the site areas cleaned. The internal concealed pipe work was now visible and ready for alterations. Before the isolation of the supplies, a check that the existing pipework is not crossed (hot on the left and cold on the right, in every instance). Hot and cold supplies to these areas were isolated. A new thermostatic shower valve and the new wall mounted bath tap could now be firmly fixed either using a custom-made base board & screws.

Most importantly and in both cases observing the correct distances to suit the finished wall surface. Preparations to pipe work and plumbing connections made. If brazing or soldering any copper then all supplies will be flushed through to remove any acidic fluxes that could potentially damage the new internal cartridges. Supplies reinstated and left on a full pressure test overnight. After a successful 24-hour test of the pipe work a rebuild was ready to commence. Bare copper pipe protected from aggressive chemicals in cements, PVA glue applied to dry, dusty surfaces to prevent suction. Breeze blocks cut to a suitable size to fill any major holes or gaps initially.

A suitable bonding plaster applied in and around the new shower valve and new bath tap to provide a flat, sound finish. Tiling to commence to both areas to match the original tile patterns with discreet cuts around fittings, grout applied to finish. Areas washed down with a high absorbent sponge and fully cleaned.

End result:
Happy clients! Both with brand new fully functional shiny fittings with longevity and lengthy warranties.

Clive Dabney sourced and installed a new diverter for my Aqualisa digital shower system. The part was hard to obtain and other plumbers had turned the job down. But nothing was too much trouble for Clive. He managed to source the part and then fitted it. He did an excellent job which other plumbers had shied away from. I am delighted with his skill and work ethic. Clive Dabney will be my go-to plumber from now on.

Happy Client

Plumbing repairs, building maintenance, trace and access works, Ashtead.

Bathroom Leak Repairs

Shower Leak Repairs

Client Testimonial

Clive is a pleasant and trustworthy professional. He provided a clear competitive estimate of the cost and time in involved to do the work. He provided good advice about the best way to carry out the project. He also kept me updated as the work progressed. I am very pleased with the result and would highly recommend him.

Happy Client

Plumbing repairs, building maintenance, trace and access works, Ashtead.

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