Upgrading cold water storage tanks – Oxshott

Client Location – Oxshott

Client Brief:
To increase the existing properties cold water storage capacity and improve the current low water pressure issue to all properties outlets.

Dabney Solution:
An initial consultation with the clients was required to determine the properties plumbing needs and to make any considerations for any future plumbing additions to make a calculation to determine the exact amount of cold water storage to serve the property into the future.

A full site survey was undertaken with precise measurements required for access through and into a loft space via a loft hatch. The existing cold water storage tanks capacity was only 50 gallons to serve 2-bathrooms + a 2.0 bar shower pump. The existing storage tanks including the feed and expansion tank for the central heating system required replacing.

It was also decided to improve the low water pressure issue by building a solid custom built raised timber frame so two new poly coffin tanks could slot into the apex of the roof space to improve the gravity fed water system. Existing water supplies isolated and storage tanks drained and removed from property, central heating drained to facilitate the feed and expansion tanks removal. A 4-yard skip was required and placed on driveway to clear and contain any rubbish.

New tank area in loft cleared of any unwanted non-structural timbers and debris to create space and a safe access for any future tank maintenance. Any redundant or unwanted pipe-work cut back and removed from loft space. New tank area boarded out and screwed to joists to form a solid platform to walk on. 30 meters of 6” x 2” treated timber + 2-no 2400mm x 1200mm OSB sheets were purchased.

A custom built solid 6” x 2” timber frame was constructed and bridged across the existing properties 9” x 3” ceiling joists and over an existing load bearing wall for additional structural support. Timber frame finished with the OSB board cut to suit the frame and firmly screwed down + an additional piece allowed to carry the new feed and expansion tank for the central heating system.

Two new 70 gallon “Coffin Tanks” dimensions 500mm high x 610mm wide x 1650mm long were prepared for installing side by side and to be coupled together via a 40mm copper pipe to increase the cold water storage capacity to 140 gallons. New storage tanks + the new 4-gallon feed and expansion tank installed with water bye law kits and insulation jackets.

All necessary outlets predrilled into the new poly tanks with new tank connectors and new gate valves fitted + new ball valves. All new pipe-work completed to and from tanks with pipe clips added where necessary to provide support and the correct falls to suit the gravity fed system. New “Coffin Tanks” fully filled with cold mains water. Once filled, properties supplies reinstated individually to remove any air for the system and to avoid creating any air locks.

Once all the properties gravity fed supplies were fully charged the 2.0 bar shower pump could be reinstated and fully tested for correct operation. The new 4-gallon feed and expansion tank for the central heating was filled and the properties heating system bled of air with an inhibitor added to aid the system and prevent internal corrosion. Central heating and hot water reinstated and checked for correct operation.

End result:
To return to the property after a 24 hour period to double check all pipe-work in the loft for any leaks and any air locks. To clarify with the client that the low water pressure issue has been correctly addressed and that the property now functions with a much better gravity fed water supply. On completion, all pipe work in loft space fully protected and lagged in a high quality Armaflex pipe lagging to protect form the freezing conditions.

Client Testimonial

Upgrading water tanks – Clive and his team were very professional and tidy throughout. They took great care to achieve the best outcome and worked away in the attic with minimal fuss and disruption. We are delighted with the end result and would highly recommend Dabney Plumbing Services.

Happy Client

Carpentry and Plumbing, Oxshott

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