Water main repairs relocate kitchen services Quarry Gardens Leatherhead

Client Location – Quarry Gardens, Leatherhead

Client Brief:
After removal of an existing kitchen, in preparation for a new kitchen installation (by a kitchen company). It was discovered that the incoming 28mm blue poly pipe cold water main plus hot water services were leaking over a period of time and due to the nature of the new kitchen design these services required relocating along with the installation of new waste water pipes. These new hot and cold water pipes also had to be linked back up to the upstairs supplies with a new 28mm solid brass isolating stop cock left accessible for the consumer. All the new pipe-work to be laid below the solid concrete kitchen floor.

Dabney Solution:
To open up the solid concrete floor and gain access to the pipe-work via the solid block and beam subfloor. Open chases were made in either direction to new kitchen sink unit positions and to services from upstairs. Existing plastic 110mm soil stack exposed at below block and beam subfloor level with an access made so a new 100mm strap on boss could be drilled, glued and a new connection made to carry waste waters from new kitchen appliances with a natural gravity fall.
New plastic pipe-work ran to their new positions and linked to upstairs.

End result:
On completion all necessary pipe-work pressure tested and fully protected from freezing. Properties water supply reinstated, unvented hot water cylinder repressurised and all outlets bled of air. Floors and chases prepared and a new concrete screed laid to cover and protect all pipe-work.

Client Testimonial

Clive Dabney is very professional, organised, neat and tidy. He is polite and is able to work around any problem because of his experience.
Happy Client

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