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Exposed pipework is liable to freeze especially in attic spaces, out buildings, garages and loft spaces and obviously any external pipework.

Insulate and use external lagging (Armaflex) in these exposed situations and attach the lagging with cable ties. (Armaflex) pipe lagging is water repellent and will not absorb water which will aids freezing.

Frost will start to appear at 3 degrees above zero. Check all frost stats are operational on boilers and TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves) and external condense pipes from condensing boilers. If water is moving through pipework it is harder for it to freeze.

In sub zero temperatures it is best to leave your central heating on 24 hours a day on a low setting as the circulation pump will constantly run and prevent freezing. When water freezes it can expand by 10% in volume, this is when pipes burst. Look out for bare pipework be it copper or plastic, make sure angled fittings, connections and mechanically pulled bends are protected. These are the weak points that normally burst first.

If you have a loft space or attic search for hidden pipework especially near to the eaves which is the coldest part of your roof.