“What to do in preparation for the seasonal change and to carry out the necessary visible checks to your property”

Spring has sprung and Summer is nearly upon us, at last I hear you say. As we start to venture outdoors, this is now a good time to pay attention to external plumbing that and over a period of time could, if there were to be an issue, damage or damp can occur via the ingress of water internally into your property.

Clive at Dabney Plumbing has the experience and skills to either advise or carry out any necessary repairs. Here are some helpful tips and hints to look out for and some questions to ask yourselves whilst enjoying your outside spaces.

There are many areas to pay attention to, starting with a visible check for leaks to guttering and downpipes, are brackets fixed correctly? and if of the heavy cast iron type or other metals, are they stable and well supported?

Drainage below ground, does grey waste water drain away correctly? Are visible open gulleys and grates clear of debris, leaves etc?

Visible waste pipes, are they fixed correctly and check for leaks or damp patches to external walls??? Outside pipe work, are pipes correctly protected with external (Armaflex) pipe lagging, are pipe clips in place, are outside taps operating correctly???

Outside taps do a lot of work over this period.

Gas pipes for an obvious reason are they in good order, clipped and supported correctly and if of a mild steel type metal are there any signs of rust????

Overflow pipes or warning pipes from tanks in the loft space or, old fashioned toilet cisterns, copper pipe work from PRV’s (pressure relief valves) coming from pressurized systems, boilers and unvented hot water cylinder’s. Are there any signs of either drips or considerable discharge/stains on walls etc?? A quick way to check this is internally, are the correct operating pressures stable at the appliances. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or call Clive at Dabney Plumbing for free advice.

Irrigation watering systems, do they work correctly and check for leaks?? Leaks can be very expensive over a prolonged period and you can waste you a lot of money, are there signs of below ground leaks?

Water conditioning systems, water softeners, desalination units and water drinking filter units for examples, have the filters been changed at the correct intervals, is the correct amount of salt (be it blocks or pellets) in the water softener visible and if so, is it dissolving at the correct rate??? Have checks been made to determine the amount of hard water and is any drinking water fully potable??

Swimming pools, boiler houses, pool pump stations, hot tubs, garages and storage cupboards. These areas normally contain your properties services and can get neglected. Are there any obvious signs of wear and tear that could leave you in an expensive unwanted situation in the advent of an unexpected issue occurring.

Feel free to call, text or email Clive at Dabney Plumbing to make initial contact and gain valued free advice.

“Happy Summertime”