Call Dabney Plumbing Services immediately on 07557 648199 and we will firstly make a very speedy assessment verbally.

If there is time, photos of the issue can be shared to help diagnose the problem before we drop everything elsewhere and commence the journey to the property or area in question.

Dabney Plumbing Services will talk through the process to make the property safe and advise the client to try to shut down and isolate the mains cold water supply and most importantly the power supply to the property at the consumer unit, to avoid a fire and any further water damage.

If the homeowner, landlord or tenant knows their way around their property and is able to locate various other parts of the plumbing system, stop cocks, shut off valves etc then other instructions will be advised to try to isolate the issue temporarily and quickly. But, bearing in mind in a situation of a flood or a serious plumbing emergency then time is of the essence. Dabney Plumbing Services will not delay in making the journey as quickly and speedily as possible.

So, if the homeowner, landlord or tenant is unsure or slightly nervous to attempt any of the above then we will arrive and carry out the immediate isolation of all the necessary supplies be it plumbing, electrical and turn off the ECV valve at the gas meter to make the property safe.